Weeknight Dinner Expert

Most families struggle with weeknight dinner.

We help you eliminate “dinner dread” by teaching you how to plan and execute weeknight dinners that work for your family.


Weeknight dinners aren’t about the recipes it is about time. How are you going to get dinner on the table with your schedule? We will teach you how to plan and execute healthy and easy family dinners.

We have worked with busy schedules, picky eaters, food allergies and so much more. You can get dinner on the table even when life is crazy.


Invite Marie to Speak In Person or Virtual

“I will teach you how to plan, prep, and execute dinner in your home and how to avoid the drive thru when your plans change. It is about making dinner work for your family.”

– Marie Fiebach

As a married mother of four teenagers, Marie Fiebach has navigated the challenges most families face getting dinner on the table. She knows what it is like to have a busy family, picky eaters, and food allergies.

Using her years of experience feeding her family, Marie has learned how to find unique solutions to problems, and she can help you do the same. We all need to eat and Marie can help you make dinners in your home a little easier.

Your audience will leave with the tools they need to make weeknight dinner work in their home. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every family is different. Marie’s system works for any family because it focuses on your life, your family’s schedule, and the kinds of foods your family prefers.

Speaking and Private Coaching


Starting at $1000

Feed Your Family Tonight

We all have to eat. Stop “dinner dread” and get weeknight dinner on the table even when life is busy. 

Marie inspires and encourages busy parents to bring back weeknight family dinners. Your audience will leave inspired and energized to rethink how family dinner works in their home. Weeknight dinner does not have to be difficult or fancy. They can eat simple healthy meals without hours of planning and prepping. The audience will learn a simple three step process for weeknight dinner success.

Personal Coaching

Starting at $99

As a personal coach, Marie:

-Listens to your dinner challenges

-Provides practical solutions

-Encourages you to make dinner work in your home

Marie helps you craft a custom plan for tackling your toughest dinner challenges. You get individualized support, encouragement, and plan that works for your specific circumstance.

It does not have to be hard or overwhelming. With individual support, you can reclaim family dinner, lower your food budget, and not spend hours in the kitchen all while feeding your family healthy food that they will actually eat.