Keynote Speaker and Professional Emcee

Are you holding your organization back, because you aren’t dreaming big enough?

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut or caught in a cycle of always doing work the same way? Maybe you want different results, but can’t find a way to push past the ideas in your head?

If you cannot dream it, you will never achieve it. Whether you are in a major corporation or a small nonprofit, everyone can benefit from taking time to dream.

As adults, we are often forced to be practical and think about life realistically. But in order to achieve new goals and break through plateaus, we have to take time to dream big and explore ideas we think are impossible.

Invite Marie to Speak

“I will teach you how to step back, see what is possible, and break through the box to achieve more.”

– Marie Fiebach

With more than 20 years of experience leading teams in the non-profit sector, Marie Fiebach has helped many organizations break through the status quo and achieve goals once thought to be impossible. When you allow your team to dream without limitations, you can see new paths to reaching a goal you once thought unrealistic. By looking at your work and seeing the possibilities rather than the limitations, you can find ways to make incredible ideas come to life.

Marie has helped organizations plan and execute fundraisers with revenues in excess of $100,000, developed a food program for at-risk teens, assisted a nonprofit hire a new executive director, and so much more. She currently sits on two local non-profit boards and is a weekly guest on KAKE TV’s Good Morning Kansas.

Using her years of experience recruiting and supporting adult volunteers, Marie has learned how to find unique solutions to problems, and she can help you do the same. If you cannot dream it, you will never achieve it. The world is full of possibilities and when organizations and employees dare to dream big, they will move forward faster and with greater purpose.

Services and Pricing


Starting at $3000

It’s Time to Dream Big

Breaking through “we’ve always done it this way” to see new possibilities and achieve more.

Marie inspires and encourages audiences to dream big, then dream bigger. She walks audiences through the steps of breaking through their limiting beliefs so they can see the world through the lens of possibilities. Your audience will leave inspired and energized to dream big and achieve more.

Professional Emcee

Starting at $1500

As a professional emcee, Marie:

-Sets the tone for your event

-Keeps the audience engaged

-Keeps the event moving with your timeline

Marie takes your audience on a journey from the beginning of the event to the end. She helps to keep your audience engaged and assists the event team with the timeline. She is the bridge between the event team and the audience helping everyone get the most out of the event.